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In Wandsworth, an exciting transformation unfolds, where the old gives way to a vision of modern living. An outdated rear extension has been replaced with a striking structure featuring blonde Scottish larch cladding with a beautiful burnt finish, all brought together by sleek, minimal framed glazing panels.

Inside, the transformation is just as remarkable. Every room has been taken back to brick, then thoughtfully redesigned and refurbished, including a new roof that adds both beauty and durability.

But there's more hidden beneath. The ground opens up to a newly crafted basement that's all about luxury living and personal retreats. It houses a private swimming pool, a sauna for those moments of relaxation, a wine room filled with treasures, a gym equipped for every fitness routine, a cinema for private screenings, a vibrant playroom, and two extra bedrooms for peaceful nights.

This Wandsworth project redefines what it means to create spaces that are not just lived in but truly loved.

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